Nordic Gravel Series 2019
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Powering the Nordic Gravel Series


Bioracer is committed to one mission: we make you faster. To achieve this, we keep one basic principle in mind: man is measure of all things. We look at cycling from another angle and try to fit those pieces that make your puzzle complete. And we do this all for one thing: we make you faster. #wemakeyoufaster


Because by monitoring your heart rate, you know exactly how hard your body is working. Getting the most out of training doesn’t always require working faster or harder: it requires working smarter. Heart rate training equips you with the smartness you need. It optimizes your effort and makes every minute of each session count.
#BloodSweatAndData #LandscapesForWinning


Pelago was founded to cherish cycling as a genuine mode of transport. We ride to deliver a breeze of fresh air to the urban gridlock, bringing joy and freedom to the daily journey. A good bicycle is the freedom to change place, a workout on the way to a meeting, a charge of energy on an early morning ride, a good reason to meet with friends. The object becomes a transparent vehicle for one’s self-expression, a beautiful tool to use. 
The bikes are designed to make the most of the daily journey and to serve multiple purposes. Commuting, enjoying the great outdoors, taking a detour for slow travel or challenging yourself on the road – our range of bikes covers various needs. We are convinced that cycling is more comfortable, fluent and efficient with a well-functioning easy-rolling machine.


Feri's sausages creates the finest raw sausages in Helsinki, Finland. We source all of our meats, spices and we lovingly make all of them by hand in our tiny shop in the Punavuori area of Helsinki. We've been making sausage for a long time and making a living out of it for over a year now. Our Hot hungarian sausage was awarded the "Best sausage in Helsinki" award in July 2015.

There's a reason we can use bigger chunks of meat in our sausages, it's because we only use the best quality meats and cuts of them. We don't use any leftover parts for our sausages, only proper meat, fat and spices. We never use gluten and we never use anything extra unless the recipe needs it. We will probably never make a sausage with a less than 90% meat content.

Pedal.World_logo.png is your online destination for planning a cycling or biking holiday in Europe. Combine bike rentalsguided tours and accommodation according to your needs or sign up for one of the listed events. We work with trusted professionals offering you the best way to discover their region.


Welcome to the gravel capital! Half a day gravel grind through the woods, two-hour Strava KOM hunt in the city or a century ride in the countryside with your colleagues, finishing with sauna and drinks? No problem. In addition to great riding buddies with local knowledge, we offer you desirable high-quality bikes that are maintained by an accomplished bike mechanic. And yes, if you want to ride solo you can just rent a bike too. The possibilities are unlimited and we’re here to make your wishes true.