Nordic Gravel Series 2019

Fiskars Village Gravel Grinder

Fiskars Village Gravel Grinder - August 10th


All images ©Miemo Pentinen (Insta @Miemo) and Nordic Gravel Series

Fiskars Village Gravel Grinder - August 10th

Fiskars Village Gravel Grinder takes place around one of the hotspots of offroad biking in Finland. Forest roads and trails around the picturesque 19th century ironworks region of Southern Finland. Distances vary from 35 to 100kms and offer a range of scenic gravel and forest roads. The event area provides accommodation, catering and rental bikes. Also the local brewery and distillery are worth a visit…

Distances: 35 - 65 - 100 kms (35k track marked, other tracks gpx)
Registration closes 31st of July
Supplies: The event fee includes food after the ride (€42)